Join this initiative from Evergreen Parenting and have a positive impact on your school community.

Evergreen Parenting would like to partner with schools in South Africa through the Evergreen@School Initiative.

Hettie Brittz is well known for her book Kweek Kinders met Karakter (2007, Carpe Diem Media), as well as Growing Kids with Character (2018, David C Cook) that shows ways to let children excel at being who they naturally are. Her famous tree metaphors caused parents and teachers all over the world to refer to children as Palm trees, Pine trees, Rose bushes or Boxwoods to indicate their personality type – recognizing a child’s strongest characteristics and applying that knowledge to everyday life.

Her views on respect, trust and healthy authority have had an influence on many homes and classrooms over the years.

In addition, her practical principles of discipline with compassion transformed how children are trained and equipped for adulthood.

The Evergreen@School initiative offers pre-schools, primary schools and secondary schools the opportunity to partner with us to encourage and equip their parents and educators. Raising children with character together.

Hettie Brittz developed video-based programmes to share her principles.

In 2022 we launched the video-based programme known as “The Parenting Garden.” There are three courses – one for each childhood phase:


on babies and toddlers up to 5 years of age


on children in the primary school phase


on teenagers in the high school phase

The aim of The Evergreen@School Initiative is to enable a school to utilise Evergreen’s content to inspire growth in their school community.


Apart from the obvious benefit of a fundraiser project, inspired educators and better equipped parents, we would like to add the following possible benefits:

choose from three options

The Evergreen@School Initiative offers three partnering options to schools. Your choice will be based on your goal, budget and level of involvement.



Your school earns commission on every sale.

Parents / Educators make their own purchases.



The school sponsors parents / educators.

One subscription. Unlimited access for everyone in your school community.



School qualify for membership. T&C’s apply.

Parents / Educators receive discount on their own purchases.

Please note: The Evergreen@School Initiative is ONLY available to schools in South Africa.

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