Becoming an Evergreen Expert



Is jy en jou gesin Immergroen?

Wil jy graag deel word van die Immergroen fasiliteerderspan?

Wil jy meer inligting hê oor hoe om opgelei te word as fasiliteerder?


Is your family Evergreen?

Would you like to become part of the Evergreen team?

Would you like more information regarding being trained to become a facilitator?




Sien asseblief hieronder vir spesifieke areas se opleiding.  Indien u enige ander navrae het, kontak hoofkantoor asseblief / Please see below for our training in specific areas.  If you have any other queries, please contact head office




Indien u in Gauteng, Vrystaat, Mpumalanga, Limpopo of Kwazulu Natal bly kontak asseblief vir Nanette Oosthuizen / If you live in Gauteng, Freestate, Mpumalanga, Limpopo or Kwazulu Natal, please contact Nanette Oosthuizen for more information.




Vir almal wat in die Weskaap, Ooskaap, Noordkaap bly, kontak asseblief vir Lize van der Merwe vir meer inligting / Everyone staying in Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape please contact Lize van der Merwe for more information



Kontak asseblief vir Nantie van Aswegen vir meer inligting oor groepsopleiding in Namibia / Please contact Nantie van Aswegen for more information regarding group training in Namibia



Indien u nie 'n groepopleiding kan bywoon nie, bied ons 'n aanlynopleiding opsie aan.  Kontak gerus vir Arnel Huisamen vir meer inligting / If you are unable to attend group training, we offer an online training option as well.  Please contact Arnel Huisamen for more information


Accreditation information for Facilitators

As you read this document setting out our “Facilitator Requirements” we appeal to you to please give prayerful and serious consideration to the heart of the content and if you can identify and align with it and earnestly desire to team up with us, we would like to hear from you.

Titus 1: 5b-11 (New Living Translation)

“I asked you to choose church leaders in every city. Their lives must be so that no one can talk against them. They must have only one wife. Their children must be Christians and known to be good. They must obey their parents. They must not be wild. A church leader is God's servant. His life must be so that no one can say anything against him. He should not try to please himself and not be quick to get angry over little things. He must not get drunk or want to fight. He must not always want more money for himself. He must like to take people into his home. He must love what is good. He must be able to think well and do all things in the right way. He must live a holy life and be the boss over his own desires. He must hold to the words of truth which he was taught. He must be able to teach the truth and show those who are against the truth that they are wrong. There are many men who will not listen or will not obey the truth. Their teaching is foolish and they lead people to believe a lie. This must be stopped. It turns whole families from the truth. They teach these things to make money.”

Dear Potential Facilitator

We as the Evergreen Parenting Training Team are praying earnestly for each and every one of you taking the time to read these requirements. WHY you may ask? ...Because we are seeking very specific and special people to come on board. Those who do, will be embarking on a committed journey with parents and will be equipped for more than just the transferring or sharing of information.

To qualify as a Facilitator you will need to comply with the following steps:

1.            Complete and submit an Information Questionnaire which will enable us to do an initial screening and selection.

2.           Complete the Tall Trees Leadership Profile (TTLP) and receive a coaching session (individual or via Skype) from an accredited Tall Trees facilitator. This experience will help you prepare for the training as well as give both you and us a better understanding of your specific temperament and character traits. The fee for this is included in the total fee for the accreditation process.

3.            Complete a short test on the content of Hettie’s two books – “Growing kids with Character” and “Growing kids through healthy authority”.

4.           Complete the training through one of the following ways: 




Group training

Held in Gauteng

In a group

Over three days

Lots of group interaction and opportunity to learn from the group

Complete exam

Accreditation fee includes workbook, food, and paperwork associated with your accreditation.


Online training

Complete 9 modules with written material and DVDs

At your own leisure and in front of your own computer

Access to two Skype sessions with one of the Stratcom members

Complete and pass assignments after each module before you can continue

Accreditation fee includes study material, assignments and paperwork associated with your accreditation.


During the training you will be equipped to present the Evergreen Parenting course and to deal with typical parenting concerns, tough questions and challenging parents! 

5.       To test if you can practically apply the theory, you will be required to answer five ‘forum’ questions from parents and some difficult scenarios of what might happen during the presentation of the course. If you want to look at examples of forum questions, you can go to our website,

After successfully completing the above, you will receive your accreditation certificate, which qualifies you to facilitate your first Evergreen Parenting Course or Weekend Seminar!

You will have one year from the time that we receive your completed Information Questionnaire until you have completed all the steps successfully.

We are really excited about the accreditation steps, and believe that you will learn a lot from our passionate and experienced team members. It is not just about the content and information. We want to make a lifetime investment in each and every one of you in the hope that you in turn will invest in all those lives that you have the privilege of feeding into.


What else do we offer you once you have been trained and accredited?

  1. We have no doubt that the invaluable, first-hand; virtually personalized training you receive will not only enhance you as a person but enrich and empower your family life, career and relationships.

2.      You will receive a certificate qualifying you as a facilitator to use the Evergreen Parenting DVD series for training. You will also be entitled to order an ever-expanding range of Evergreen Parenting Products such as Hettie Brittz’s parenting CD’s and books, various discipline tools and other items of value, to sell at a fair profit at your seminars in order to add value to your business. Only those who have successfully qualified will be entitled to present the Evergreen Parenting Course. In so doing you will be joining a special group of passionate people who are called to not only serve the families of South Africa but the World!!

3.       You will enjoy ongoing support – OUR HEART IS TO SERVE AND ENRICH! Evergreen Parenting already offers weekly parenting tips and an interactive forum. You will have access to these services as well as to regular updates. A regional manager will be appointed to look after you.

4.    As we keep on learning and become aware of training opportunities, new products or publications, relevant legal issues etc., we’ll keep you informed. You will share in the whole Evergreen Support Network. You will enjoy access to advertising material at cost price for the promotion and marketing of your talks and presentations.


What are your commitments and responsibilities to Evergreen Parenting?

  1. The DVD series will be subject to a “Usage Agreement” and remains the property of Evergreen Parenting and shall be returned in good order should you as the facilitator decide to cease doing presentations or not adhere to the Usage Agreement. You will therefore be responsible for the proper care and return thereof in such event.

2.      Evergreen Parenting will maintain the right to reclaim the DVD series, should you be found in violation of the Usage Agreement, by, for instance, using the DVDs for shortened versions of the course or by not ordering workbooks for all the attendees.

3.       The DVD series shall be used solely for viewing by persons attending one of the official Evergreen Parenting Seminars. It shall further be used in its entirety and not only shown in part. Our experience is that being partially informed or being shown snippets out of context can be dangerous. In order to maintain a meaningful assessment Data Base for Evergreen Parenting, each Facilitator will be required to provide Evergreen with a list of attendees for each and every talk and presentation of whatever nature. Evergreen Parenting will have the right to send feedback questionnaires to these attendees in order to fine tune the product and training to meet the ongoing, varied and changing needs of the communities we are called to serve.

4.      In return for the feedback questionnaires that attendees complete, we aim to continually serve and support them with valuable and encouraging material which will help them on their journey.

If you aren’t jumping out of your seat with excitement and enthusiasm yet, what about this ...?

FRANCHISE FEES?...... No, you will not be paying any Franchise Fees!!

In return we require of you...

·        To undertake that you will purchase all Evergreen Workbooks and Evergreen Course Material produced by Evergreen Parenting directly from us and that you will under no circumstances make or allow others to make any copies of these Workbooks or other resources.

·        To refrain from presenting any course in the name of Evergreen Parenting without the appropriate and prescribed material.

·        To refrain from using the material for any purpose besides the presentation of the entire course to parents and/or educators.

·        To respect this fully in the light of our being able to maintain a uniform and acceptable high standard at all times. 

·        The purchasing of workbooks and parenting resources will be our only source of income to enable us to develop, produce and make available to you new and updated quality material and to cover our running costs as well as the initial cost of the DVD series. 

  •  To refrain from making any significant changes to the Evergreen Workbooks or Evergreen Course Material without deliberating with the Training Team. This is to protect the integrity and uniformity of the product. Your recommendations and suggested changes might be of value to other facilitators. Any input from facilitators, which will improve, add value to and further enhance our community at large will be considered with open minds and implemented where applicable.

If you have any further questions to be answered to help you in making an informed decision, please communicate with us via one of the following:


For training in the following provinces please contact Lize van der Merwe on


Western Cape

Eastern Cape

Northern Cape




For training in the following provinces please contact Annatjie van Zyl on







If you would like to do online training please contact: Annatjie van Zyl on



Evergreen regards

Evergreen Parenting Facilitator Training Team


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