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The forum page below is intended to be a place for lively discussion. Ask questions, or read the questions and answers provided by others. This is almost like a group therapy session!

By taking part in this forum you accept the following terms:

* This forum is considered an informal discussion and not a professional service

* No participant or reader may hold Evergreen Parenting, Immergroen Ouerskap or any panel member thereof responsible for any damage, pain or loss that may occur as a result of adhering to any advice suggested.

* All responses to questions are good advice given with the best of intentions of those that answered but have been given freely and must not be considered as a diagnose or professional counsel or therapy and cannot replace the services of qualified psychologists, counselors, doctors, dieticians, therapists, or any other specialists.

* Evergreen Parenting and Immergroen Ouerskap reserve the right to use any or part of the questions or answers in this forum for publications like books or magazines after all biographic details (names, places, dates, specified information that reveals a person's identity) have been changed to protect the identity of the authors.

* All contributions to this forum is without prejudice.

Question Answer
Self Esteem & Confidence in 6 year old published by Chantel van Niekerk View Answer
Seun van 5 jaar met sagte hart published by Helet View Answer
kinders se diseppliene by die skool published by Christa Fouche View Answer
onmoontlike moeilike 2jarige published by roxanne View Answer
Aandag afleibare kindjie published by Nadine van der Merwe View Answer
Behaviour published by Natalie View Answer
EQ published by Melinda View Answer
Dissipline by 4jarige published by Janien View Answer
Dissipline by 4jarige published by Janien View Answer
Dissipline by 4jarige published by Janien View Answer
Dissipline Vir 'n dennepalm published by Hester View Answer
onsteltenis published by Anne-Marie View Answer
Geboelie deur maat published by Cindy View Answer
agressive abusive 8 year old son published by chantel View Answer
Toiletafrigting Roosboompie published by Mia View Answer
Kind se eie ek published by Zulite View Answer
self-bevrediging by 5 jarige published by Hanmarie View Answer
Depressie in kind 6jr published by Jana View Answer
emosionele onvolwassenheid of afwykende gedrag published by Martha View Answer
8jarige sukkel om R te se published by Lizette View Answer
Gr4 Onderwyser published by E Marais View Answer
Just personality or is there more going on? published by Kirsten Uys View Answer
Strong willed child published by Sarie View Answer
Specials published by Nelmarie van Wyk View Answer
17 jarige rebellie published by roelien View Answer

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