A school that reacts to EverGrowth’s awareness campaign and decides to register for any of the Evergreen@School initiative options, might be interested in the additional services of an accredited Evergreen Parenting Facilitator. Likewise if a church stumbles across the Evergreen@Church initiative.

You can be available and on stand-by for schools and churches in South Africa.


  1. Register as an Affiliate, If you haven’t done so already, by clicking here: FRIENDS OF EVERGREEN.
  2. Complete the form below to add your details to our list.
  3. Prepare yourself by watching the Parenting Garden videos. Affiliates have access to a 7 day free trail, available on your Affiliate Dashboard.


Available for schools/churches (#27)

Do you want to be available for schools / churches?

By completing this form you indicate that you will be available and on stand-by for schools and/or churches in South Africa.

In the event that a church/school is interested in additional services by an accredited Evergreen Facilitator, we will supply your contact details. This is only when the school / church does not have a Champion.

Facilitators that indicate that they are available for these initiatives also commit te be prepared by studying the contents of The Parenting Garden video-course to enable them to offer a professional service.


Indicate if you will be available for schools.


Indicate if you will be available for churches.


Indicate in which format you will be available for presentations. 
For In person face-to-face presentations only in your home town, or are you also willing to travel to neighboring towns?
For virtual presentations on platforms like Zoom or Teams.
(Mark all applicable formats. You can mark only one or all three.)

Thank you for playing your part!