Evergreen’s Preschool course

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The Preschool course is for teachers, educators and caregivers that work with children between the ages of 0 and 6 years at a nursery school, daycare centre, registered playgroup or a Gr.R centre. These formative years are when children absorb everything and the foundation of their reasoning and moral development are laid. We strive to empower passionate educators who took up the difficult challenge associated with educating other people’s children.

We guide educators to a better understanding of the impact of authority figures, temperament and discipline in early childhood development. We focus on personal development by identifying existing natural abilities and strengths in each person, while giving practical solutions and strategies to acquire and improve skills.

Workbook cover: Preschool educator course

The course consists of three main modules:

Hettie Brittz is famous for her Tree Type analogy to explain temperament (or different personality types.) This module focus on the role that temperament can play in the learner-teacher relationship and the impact temperament knowledge has on individual learning and classroom management.

Teachers will understand how to best understand, motivate, guide and discipline each child.

We believe that authority is about more than controlling toddlers. Healthy authority is about building a trust-relationship with young children.
In this session we will look at twelve building blocks of healthy authority and each teacher will identify their own strengths and weaknesses in order to grow in healthy authority.
We will help identify everyone’s own preferred authority style and to understand the strengths and weaknesses embedded in each style.

During this module we will simplify misbehaviour by categorising it into eight different types. Then we will link the misbehaviour category with meaningful correction strategies, in stead of only consequences. Educators will have the tools to be creative and effective in their approach to discipline.

This course is presented by our accredited Evergreen@School Consultants.

We specialize in parental involvement

We encourage preschools to promote our Evergreen Parenting course to enable a community with shared norms and values. We believe that if a school regularly promotes parenting programs to empower and train parents, the school will also promote the idea that it is normal for parents who feel inadequate and out of their depth while raising children and juggling a career; that it is normal to reach out or enroll for parenting courses.

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