Focus on Emotional Intelligence

How we feel affects the decisions we make, how we treat other people (especially the ones closest to us), our productivity, our motivation, perseverance, self-control, and our well-being. A person with high EQ has mastered some non-cognitive skills, giving him/her social, emotional, and behavioural benefits that pave the road to a productive, healthy, and fulfilling life. 

We, at Evergreen Parenting, believe that it is crucial to teach social and emotional skills to our children, and the skill-set necessary is different for each tree type. As a parent, you know that you can only give what you have. Your own well being and emotional health are key in order to be the best parent for your kids.

Make the decision today to grow your own emotional intelligence and be an example to your kids… 

We invite you to join Hettie Brittz, and other key-note speakers, on the topic of emotional intelligence at the EIA – Emotional Intelligence Activator.

Click here to go to the EIA website