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Evergreen Parenting Talks

Some facilitators act as public speakers at school or church events, ladies’ mornings, high teas for mothers, etc. These individuals are licensed by Hettie Brittz to present Talks on certain topics.

Obviously a speaker can share only limited information in the time span of one hour. The heart of Evergreen is to inspire growth and although some information is better than nothing, we do prefer to embark on a journey that will yield fruit. Therefore the presentation of a Talk is rather seen as an appetizer, provided that we have the opportunity to market the full experience. In an effort to minimize the (mis)use of Talks, facilitators may present talks only on certain topics.

A talk is typically one-way communication and attendees do not receive any notes, worksheets or workbooks.

Facilitators have an hourly rate.

Please contact us if you are planning an event.

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