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The Evergreen Parenting course

*Please note that this course format is usually only presented face-to-face.

Facilitators are licensed by Hettie Brittz to present the official Evergreen Parenting course.

The course covers all the Evergreen principles and includes the following module topics:

  • Long-term goal setting;
  • Healthy Authority;
  • Temperament;
  • Perspective on parenting;
  • Parenting styles;
  • Children’s developmental needs and
  • Discipline with compassion.

It is presented in seven sessions. Most facilitators schedule one session a week over the course of seven weeks, while others choose to take advantage of a whole weekend.

The 180-page softcover workbook will be provided to each attendee.

Find a Facilitator

Click the image to page through our ‘Green Pages’ – a directory of active Facilitators. Make sure to filter for Face-to-face courses if you are interested in attending the course format described above.

Please note: Evergreen Parenting Facilitators operate independently and are not representatives of EverGrowth Online (Pty) Ltd. – the company that owns this website).

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