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Core Value workshops

*Please note: This course format is usually presented virtually via Zoom/Teams.

Facilitators are licensed by Hettie Brittz to present the official Core Value workshops.

The workshops differ from the official Evergreen Parenting course in the sense that it covers the three most fundamental topics:

  • Temperament;
  • Healthy Authority and
  • Discipline with Compassion.

It is presented as three separate workshops, although most facilitators suggest that parents attend all three workshops and offer a package including the attendance of all.

A 20 page workbook was developed for each workshop. Attendees will receive access to the digital format (PDF files) via this website to be able to download and print their personal copy at home, in time to use during the workshop presentation.

Ideal to Present Virtually

The Core Value workshops are the ideal format to present virtually. In 2020, workbooks were introduced in digital format. It is ideal for use during a virtual presentation via a platform like Zoom, Skype or Teams where parents can attend from anywhere in the country. (The alternative of mailing each attendee’s copy of a softcover workbook was proven to be expensive, time-consuming and a logistical nightmare.)

Please note that digital workbooks are also protected by copyright law and therefore we take a few precautions to protect the intellectual property.

Find Events on Facebook

Events are published on our Facebook page as soon as it opens for registration. Facilitators operate independently, please contact the facilitator directly for details about the format, timeslots, cost and to book a seat. Please follow and like our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/EvergreenParenting.

Find a Facilitator

Click the image to page through our ‘Green Pages’ – a directory of active Facilitators. Please use the filter to search for VIRTUAL courses.

Please note: Evergreen Parenting Facilitators operate independently and are not representatives of EverGrowth Online (Pty) Ltd. – the company that owns this website).

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