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How to cancel a subscription payment

Some products/content on this website are only available on a subscription base. That means that you will only have access to the content for as long as you have an active subscription, and access will expire when the subscription is cancelled or payment fails.

Cancel your next subscription payment by following these steps:

1. Login and navigate to MY PROFILE > MY ACCOUNT.

2. Find the SUBSCRIPTIONS tab in the menu. All your active subscriptions will be listed. Click on VIEW (if you have more than one subscription).

3.Note your next payment date, and if it does not occur in the next 24 hours, you will be able to cancel the payment in time.

4.You will notice a few options next to the Action heading. Click on the CANCEL button.

5. A message at the top will confirm your action.

6.The subscription status will change to ‘Pending cancellation’ and a payment will not be deducted at the next anniversary date. You will still be able to access the content until the 30 day month period has lapsed.

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