Suzette Muller

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Suzette Muller

I am a retired preschool teacher. A mother of four adult children and seven grandchildren.

I taught for many years and in all that time I realized something is missing. Discipline is a challenge. Teachers are in dire straits when they need to discipline, parents are at a loss when their children ignore them or talk back.

Hettie Brittz crossed my path and invited me to become part of the Evergreen Parenting family. What a fantastic journey. I learned discipline is a journey. It starts at birth and never stops. It is a long-term discipleship process in which we learn to follow God's teachings and leadership.

I also learned that we all are born with different temperaments. What an eye-opener. We and our children are all so different.

As an Evergreen Parenting Consultant, my main objective is to help and motivate parents, teachers, and childcarers, to understand children and lead them through effective discipline in love.

The only way to reach control and influence is to know the building blocks of healthy authority and be inspired and empowered to take up the task of parenting with more courage and confidence.





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