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Marquerite Redpath

My name is Marquerite Redpath, and I have been an Evergreen facilitator since 2014. I am a mother of a 21-year-old daughter and a 17-year-old son, a pre-school teacher for the past 25 years, and managing my own nursery school - Kleine Einsteins - for the past 20 years.

The Evergreen parenting course had a life-changing impact on my parenting skills and made me a much better teacher.

The knowledge that I have gained through this course helped me to understand not only myself better, but also every other person that crosses my path. Understanding temperaments (Trees) helped me to comprehend why people act in a certain manner and how to react appropriately in response. Working with little children every day, and with the youth at our church I had plenty of opportunities to put the authority and discipline skills of Evergreen Parenting to the test. I can honestly say that after many years of practice that I can see the fruit of these skills.

My own children however have always been my greatest challenge and they have often humbled me. Knowing that I have God behind me in every parenting challenge has made me stronger. This is why I am passionate to share this incredible wisdom with every parent, especially those who sometimes feel out of control or discouraged.

Through the years I have seen the positive impact that this course had on the parents and their children that have attended the courses that I have facilitated. If anyone ask me what my biggest wish is, it would be that every parent and teacher could be equip with the skills learnt in the Evergreen Parenting course.

Hope to see you at my next course!



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