Lydia Kies

Evergreen Parenting Facilitator

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Lydia Kies

Dear Parent,

Wish we could have met in person. I never know what to say in these bio sections - so please excuse me if I ramble.

I'm happily married and blessed with two daughters. My journey with Evergreen started when my oldest was 3,5 years old and I discovered the book 'Kweek Kinders met Karakter' in a Christian bookshop. I enjoy reading and devoured numerous books on parenting. But this one was different. My soul resonated with it - I think it was because I recognized truth at a time when I reached for any kind of advice and was falling into the trap of believing lies about myself, my kids and my faith.

The book changed my outlook, my ideals and how I did things - in parenting and in life. I can also testify that I was inspired to walk closer to God.

I attended an Evergreen Parenting course (when my kids were toddlers) and soon after started my training and accreditation process. I had to share this with other parents!

Today, 14 years later, I still apply the principles and are also still learning. I would absolutely love to journey with you.

I present the Evergreen Parenting course content to singles, couples, or to a groups of friends, via Zoom. I'm also privileged to be part of the content development team behind this website - inspiring growth in families.

Please reach out to me - even if you are still wondering if this is for you.

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