Irene Smit

Evergreen Parenting Facilitator

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Irene Smit

I have  been married to Jacques Smit for 32 years. I have 4 children - 1 daughter and 3 sons - ages 20-29. The children were homeschooled by me from start to finish.

Since 2009, I am an Evergreen Parenting Facilitator and, since 2010, also a Tall Trees Temperament Profiling Facilitator.  One of my passions  is to see families be united - to change a community.  Evergreen Parenting is a great tool to accomplish this passion.

I present the Evergreen Parenting course in a face to face, or virtual course format. I present in Afrikaans and English.

I also do individual parent coaching and use Evergreen Parenting principles.


Formal qualification:
Life Coach / Pastoral Counsellor / Trauma Counsellor

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