Elisia Coetzee

Evergreen Parenting Facilitator

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Elisia Coetzee

God says in His word, Malachi 4:6, that if " ...the hearts of parents turn towards their children, and the hearts of children turn towards their parents...", He will save the land.

If God puts such an enormous value on the health of our families, so do I!

I am honoured to be part of the wonderful Evergreen Parenting family and to be able to guide and equip parents with this life changing information. It has definitely made a huge impact on our family of five, and continues to do so as each parenting season brings its own challenges and joys.

Family, love, unity, three words that goes together so well, but is often found so far apart. My dream is to see families thrive!

To see parents lead and guide their children with love, compassion and confidence, and to see children follow willingly with self-assurance and admiration.

Parenting can, and should be wonderful, exciting and magical!


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