Zoom Talk – Choose a brand new home life

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This is a recording of a Zoom-Talk: 13 July 2020

Small changes in parents lead to major transformations in families. Choose this talk if you’re ready for a brand new home life! Hettie Brittz will equip, inspire and encourage parents.

Our kids sometimes follow in our footsteps more than we may want them to. What if their tantrums, defiance, sibling rivalry or irresponsibility is partly learned from observing us?

In this talk, Hettie Brittz helps us look at our reflection in the mirror so that we can willingly be pruned. She looks at 8 types of misbehavior parents can unwittingly model at home. Are you ready to be authentic, real and brave? Bending under God’s hand for pruning helps us reclaim the right to prune the trees in our garden! Good fruit is on the way!

More about the author:  Hettie Brittz

Hettie needs no special introduction!  She and her husband, Louis, live in USA with their three children.  Their eldest daughter is married, their son is at university and their youngest in the teenage years.  She is a well of inspiration and godliness, as is portrayed in her talks, books she wrote and living her life.

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Zoom Talk - Choose a brand new home life