The trees in our garden – Understand your child’s temperament

Hettie Brittz
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This short course will show you the temperament of your child from baby to teenager, and shares child rearing secrets for each type of tree in your garden.

Each has unique needs and talents. Come discover your child’s!

Course Features

  • Lectures 7
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 1 hours and 6 min
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 7
  • Certificate No
  • Assessments Yes
  • What is temperament? 0/1

    This section will give you an understanding of what is temperament.

    • Lecture1.1
      Discover what is temperament 07 min
  • The different types of temperament trees 0/1

    So why the tree analogy?

    • Lecture2.1
      The four temperament types 01 min
  • The palm tree 0/1

    This section will explain the palm tree in the different phases of childhood.

    • Lecture3.1
      Discover the unique traits of the palm tree 14 min
  • The rosebush 0/1

    • Lecture4.1
      Discover the unique traits of the rosebush 16 min
  • The lollipop or boxtree 0/1

    • Lecture5.1
      Discover the unique traits of the lollipop or boxtree type 10 min
  • The pine tree 0/1

    • Lecture6.1
      Discover the unique traits of the pine tree 13 min
  • Need some help? 0/1

    • Lecture7.1
      More about Tiny trees 30 min
Hettie Brittz
Hettie Brittz - her ministry is to declare Gods evergreen hope for every individual, relationship, family and community. Hettie is a well known author and is the author of several books, including publications in Afrikaans, Kweek Kinders met Karakter, Kweek Gesonde Gesag, Growing Kids with Character and Growing Kids through Healthy Authority. Hettie is the founder of Evergreen Parenting, a group of more than 200 facilitators in 8 countries who use the course to enable families. In addition, she is the co-developer of Tall Trees Profiles, the first set of locally researched and validated personal and leadership profiles for use in schools, companies, churches and families with the aim to strengthen relationships through a better understanding of individuals and their interaction with others. For more about Hettie and her new book: Unnatural Mom, and more visit her website


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R 139.95


  1. March 9, 2018

    Goeie dag
    Ek wil asb weet hoe bestel ek ‘n boek? Of waar kan ek ‘n boek van Hettie Brits gaan koop?
    Email my asb

    • naudine adaimi
      March 11, 2018

      Hello nAnnushka! Jy kan een van twee boeke omtrent temperament online bestel (
      1. Growing kids with character OF
      2. Kortpad deur die oerwoud

      Ek hoop jy kom reg en geniet die boeke!


    • naudine adaimi
      March 19, 2018

      Hello Annuschka!
      Ek wonder of jy reg gekom het met die bestel van Hettie Brittz boeke? Al haar boeke is online te koop by – daar is ook eboeke.

      Hoor graag van jou!

  2. March 15, 2018

    Hi daar.

    Ek sit in Suid Korea, enige aanlyn webinaars dalk in die toekoms?

    • naudine adaimi
      March 19, 2018

      Hello Natascha!
      Ons het online kursusse wat jy kan gaan kry – daar is huidiglik drie van hulle. Kyk gerus op ons webblad:
      Dan is daar verskeie downloadable praatjies, ook te koop op ons web.
      Vra gerus vrae, indien jy nie regekom nie of dalk meer info wil bekom.
      Alle sterkte en seen in Suid-Korea!

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