Church Project Funding

This program is part of the Evergreen@Church Initiative.

This program is an opportunity to equip parents and raise funds for one of the church’s projects. We donate 12% of every sale towards your project.

Parenting is one of the most important and rewarding tasks during our time on earth. Children are a blessing. It can also be one of the most confusing, difficult and emotionally draining tasks ever! Bottom-line – parents cannot do it alone and are in need of guidance and support. Parenting is one of the most written about subjects and one of the easiest to find books on. However, in this post-modern world it is not that easy to find trustworthy Scripture-based content.

Every church understands the importance of a ministry to parents. The challenge lies in finding suitable content, the ideal time-slot in the calendar for lengthy presentations while addressing everybody’s needs, not to mention the restraints on the budget.

We believe Evergreen Parenting will tick all the right boxes.

Parents can gain knowledge and practical ideas from our resources as well as be encouraged and equipped. All the resources on this website are in digital format: videos to watch via streaming; podcasts to listen to online and tools to download and print. Parents will be inspired to not only better parenting, but also to spiritual growth and a closer walk with God.

Consider the Evergreen@Church Project Funding program. Recommend our resources to the parents of your congregation and we will donate 12% of every sale.


In a nutshell:

This program will enable a church to generate funds for any project or purpose. Start a campaign to encourage parents to make use of our content on Christian parenting. We donate 12% of every sale.

A church will have to register as a Friend of Evergreen – our Affiliate program.

The Evergreen Parenting website is jam-packed with resources that will equip parents. Almost all* the products and services on this website are part of this program. However, we suggest ‘The Parenting Garden’.

FAQ about the Church Project Funding Program

  • Registration is free – there is no fee payable by the church to register for this Initiative program.
  • The church will have to register as a Friend of Evergreen – our Affiliate program – to allow the system software to automatically calculate sale and donation amounts.
  • We donate 12% of every sale towards the affiliate (the church) that was indirectly responsible for the sale.
  • Registering as an Affiliate entails agreeing to the terms and supplying bank details.
  • Donation payouts are made directly into the church’s bank account. This is done monthly. The minimum payout amount is R100 – payouts less than R100 will roll over to the next month’s end.
  • Once registered, the church will receive their own unique Affiliate ID that parents will need to supply at checkout. The system will automatically calculate the amount.
  • We have an extensive range of self-help resources available to parents. This Church Project Funding program covers almost all* products and services open to the general public.
  • *Some products are excluded. (1) Products that are only available to accredited facilitators are not part of the program. These products will not be accessible to the general public at all; (2) The monthly renewal fee of the Parenting Garden subscription is not part of the program – the 12% donation applies only to the first month’s sign-up fee.
  • We will provide templates for marketing materials. This includes Pdf documents, images for social media, images with coded links to embed on your website and slides to use during a powerpoint show.
  • However, it is up to the church to drive its own campaign and encourage parents to place orders.
  • We suggest that a church appoints a person responsible for this campaign.
  • The Parenting Garden is a set of video-based courses on this website. It is our most comprehensive course yet, therefore it is considered our flagship product. The content is Biblically sound. It’s comprehensive yet focused on practical implementation and offers age-specific and temperament-specific info. Click here for more details about the topics covered. It is available to parents as a subscription-based product, meaning that they will enjoy access to the videos for as long as their subscription is active. Sign-up fees are R210 for the first month, with an optional monthly renewal fee of R70. However, the 12% donation applies only to the sign-up fee for ‘The Parenting Garden’ and not to the optional monthly renewal fee.
  • We have an extensive range of Self-Help products available to parents. All the resources on this website are in digital format: videos to watch via streaming; podcasts to listen to online and tools to download and print. Topics include, but are not limited to the temperament of children; healthy authority; discipline with compassion, etc. These resources are priced between R30 and R150 each and the 12% donation applies to all of these.
  • Two accredited Evergreen Facilitators, Lydia & Nanette, offer the following services via Zoom: Individual course presentations; Group workshops; Q&A sessions and Personality Profiles & Consultations. These services are bookable via this website. It is priced between R400 and R1000 and the 12% donation applies to all of these services as well. (However, services delivered by any other Evergreen Facilitators are not bookable via this website and will not be calculated towards this funding initiative.)
  • With the Sponsorship program the church will pay on behalf of parents.
  • With the Membership Program parents will pay their own way, but receive discount.
  • With the Fundraising program the church can generate funds. Every time parents in your congregation shop, we donate 12%. (Details above).

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