Church MEMBERship

This program is part of the Evergreen@Church Initiative.

The aim of this program is to make our parenting resources even more affordable for the parents in your congregation.

Parenting is one of the most important and rewarding tasks during our time on earth. Children are a blessing. It can also be one of the most confusing, difficult and emotionally draining tasks ever! Bottom-line – parents cannot do it alone and are in need of guidance and support. Parenting is one of the most written about subjects and one of the easiest to find books on. However, in this post-modern world it is not that easy to find trustworthy Scripture-based content.

Every church understands the importance of a ministry to parents. The challenge lies in finding suitable content, the ideal time-slot in the calendar for lengthy presentations while addressing everybody’s needs, not to mention the restraints on the budget.

We believe Evergreen Parenting will tick all the right boxes.

Hettie Brittz recorded a video-course known as “The Parenting Garden.” The course content is Biblically sound, yet based on proven theories; comprehensive yet focused on practical implementation; offers age-specific content yet covers everything about parenting babies to teenagers. And when you take the time-saving benefits of an online course and the cost-effectiveness into account, it makes the most sense. As a bonus parents will be encouraged and inspired to not only better parenting, but also to spiritual growth and a closer walk with God. (Read more about our parenting principles here). Churches and congregations in South Africa can now utilise this course content through the Evergreen@Church Initiative.

The Evergreen@Church Membership program might be ideal for your congregation. In this case, parents pay their own subscriptions. However, a discount is provided on the video courses if the church partner with us.

Summary of the Church Membership Program

In a nutshell:

Church Membership will enable parents to purchase their own subscription at a discounted price. The discount is 12%. This is when they purchase access to ‘The Parenting Garden’ video content.

‘The Parenting Garden’ is a set of video-based courses on this website that inspire Christian parenting, shar timeless principles and teach practical strategies and techniques. It was developed by Hettie Brittz.

A church will have to apply for the Evergreen@Church Membership program. Applications will be considered and granted by Lydia & Nanette – the team behind the website.

FAQ about the Church Membership Program

  • Registration is free – there is no fee payable by the church to register for this Initiative program.
  • Parents will pay their own subscription fee to access the video-content. However, they will receive a 12% membership discount.
  • The 12% discount applies only to the first month’s sign-up fee for the ‘Parenting Garden’ courses. That amounts to R210 – 12% = R185.
  • The optional monthly renewal fee is R70 if the parent need more than 30 days to work through the 5 hours of video footage.
  • The Parenting Gardenis a set of video-based courses on this website. The content is Biblically sound. It’s comprehensive yet focused on practical implementation and offers age-specific and temperament-specific info. Click here for more details about the topics covered.
  • There are three separate video courses, one for each age group. Tiny Trees is aimed at parents with babies and toddlers. Tween Trees explores all there is to know about children in primary school, and Teen Trees covers everything about raising teenagers.
  • Parents will be able to watch the videos on a laptop, cell phone, tablet or computer via streaming. They would therefore need to be connected to the internet and have data for video streaming. The website is available 24/52/356 and every person can progress at their own pace.
  • Each video course has approximately 5 hours of video footage in total, consisting of several 4-10min clips, divided into modules and lessons to encourage parents and educators to work through the content in a meaningful manner.
  • Reflection and Bible study are encouraged.
  • Membership applications will be considered based on location and a church’s previous engagement with Evergreen Parenting Facilitators. The goal is never to disqualify, but rather to honour past agreements.
  • Applications will be considered at the discretion of Lydia & Nanette – the team behind the website and owners of EverGrowth Online (Pty) Ltd.
  • Feel free to fill out the request form – your church might already qualify…
  • Membership means discount for members.
  • Once registered, the church will receive their own unique Coupon Code that is valid for 12 months.
  • Parents will use this coupon code at checkout to receive a 12% discount.
  • We suggest that a church appoints a person responsible for this campaign. While we will provide templates for marketing materials, it is up to the church to drive its own campaign and encourage parents to enroll.
  • Technical support for the Church Admin.
  • Live Zoom Q&A sessions, known as “Tricky Questions” are hosted bi-weekly by Lydia & Nanette – two seasoned Evergreen Parenting Facilitators. Any parent on the “Parenting Garden” journey can book a seat.
  • Apart from “The Parenting Garden”, there are a wide variety of additional video-courses, podcasts and resources on the Evergreen Parenting website.
  • Accredited Evergreen Parenting Facilitators are available for face-to-face contact sessions, depending on your location.
  • With the Sponsorship program the church will pay on behalf of parents.
  • With the Membership Program parents will pay their own way, but receive discount. (Details above).
  • With the Fundraising program the church can generate funds. Every time parents in your congregation shop, we donate 12%.

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