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You found the Evergreen principles relevant and helpful and want to encourage others. Become a Friend of Evergreen and share in our the mission to equip parents and educators with knowledge and skills. A Friend of Evergreen recommends Evergreen products to every parent or educator they cross paths with. There are many amazing and useful resources available on this website.

You will get the best kick out of knowing that your small contribution of time blessed someone you know.

You can request a Friends of Evergreen GIFT CARD that will enable anyone using it to receive a 12% discount on any product they purchase on the Evergreen Parenting website.


Give them a discount voucher.

Request a Friends of Evergreen GIFT CARD

We are on a mission to equip the parents and educators of South Africa with Christian principles for the upbringing of children! Join us in our quest! Thank you for considering to play your part!

A Friends of Evergreen GIFT CARD is a unique coupon code allocated to you. Anyone using this coupon code will receive 12% discount at checkout. In other words, anyone that place an order on the Evergreen Parenting website and use your coupon code at checkout will pay 12% less.

Parents will be inspired to better parenting.

You will feel content.

We will be motivated.

Please read the small print đŸ™‚

This initiative, The Friends of Evergreen Gift Card, is a campaign that was launched at the end of 2023. Our hope is that you will be able to reach parents and educators that we could not.

As you can imagine, discount coupons can be misused.

While our mission is to equip as many parents and educators as possible, please remember that EverGrowth Online, the team behind this website, has the responsibility to protect the intellectual property of the author, Hettie Brittz, and the integrity of her life’s work. We are honoured to work with her and all our ideas and effort carry her blessing.

The following will apply:

  • We can only extend the offer of discount to South Africans. Please only invite your friends and family in SA to make use of the Gift Card coupon code.
  • We urge you to gift it to people you personally meet or actually know. Please do not post it on your social media pages where any stranger can use it.
  • There are limits on the use of your unique code:
    • A person can only use it once. The discount will not be applied to a second transaction by the same person.
    • There is a limit on the amount of times your unique code can be used in total. (However, you will be able to request a new code whenever the limit is reached.)
    • It is only valid for 12 months (you can always renew in a year’s time.)
  • The discount applies to all the products and services available on this website, except:
    1. the optional monthly renewal fee of ‘The Parenting Garden.’ The 12% discount applies only to the first month’s sign-up fee for the ‘Parenting Garden’ courses. That amounts to R210 – 12% = R185. Your friends and family will be able to cancel after the first month, or pay the monthly fee if they need more time, but they will not receive discount for the second transaction.
    2. services rendered by any other Evergreen Parenting Facilitator. Your friends and family will be able to book Lydia or Nanette via this website and use the discount, but discount does not apply to the services of other facilitators.
  • Lastly, it remains at the discretion of Nanette and Lydia to end this campaign at any time. You will be notified in the (rare) event. Again, this is because we take our role serious.

Please note: A Friend of Evergreen is not to be confused with being a trained and accredited Evergreen Parenting Facilitator / Consultant / Coach. The Friends of Evergreen Initiative is part of our marketing campaign to spread the word about our valuable resources to equip parents and educators with Evergreen Parenting principles.

Please fill out the form below to request a Friends of Evergreen Gift Card. FYI: Share us much detail as possible to allow us to get to know you.


Thank you.

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Lydia & Nanette