Evergreen Parenting is proud to be a service provider to the ACSI family. We share ACSI’s motto in believing that we are stronger together.

We firmly believe that if educators and parents are on the same page regarding goals, values and discipline, they will succeed in raising children with Christlike character, ready for Kingdom work.

We invite you to explore the content of the video-course that we offer as a solution to get parents and educators on the same page.

The content of the video-course include temperamental needs according to our famous Tree Type metaphor, information about developmental needs of toddlers as well as very practical strategies to implement in the classroom and at home to shape behaviour.

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This initiative is an opportunity to utilize abovementioned video-course to create a school culture where parents and educators work together to benefit the child. Basically, this initiative offers three options for schools: a subscription for bulk access to educators and parents; a discount coupon for all educators and/or parents or a fundraising opportunity. Click to read more: